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Lizzie Le Blond Films

 Desperately Seeking Lizzie’s Lost Films

Our museum has been successful at locating a number of Martin and Osa Johnson’s films once considered “lost”…and we want to be able to say the same thing about Lizzie’s missing reels!  We are seeking any information about the ten known films taken by Lizzie which are presumed lost.  All the information we have on them is their title and length in the list below:

1.         Bobsleigh Racing No. 1 (1898) Film length (metres)  15.2 m
2.         Bobsleigh Racing No. 2 (1898) Film length (metres) 21.3 m
3.         Bobsleigh Racing No. 3 (1898) Film length (metres) 22.6 m
4.         Figure Skating on the Kulm Rink (1898) Film length (metres) 30 m
5.         Hockey on St. Moritz Lake (1898) Film length (metres) 24.4 m
6.         Skating (1898/II) Film length (metres) 21.3 m
7.         Sleighing and Snowballing (1898) Film length (metres) 15.2 m
8.         Tobogganing on the Cresta Run (1898) Film length (metres) 15.2 m
9.         Tobogganing on the Snow Run (1898) Film length (metres) 18.3 m
10.       Tobogganing on the Village Run (1898) Film length (metres) 15.2 m

If you have information on Lizzie's films, please contact the museum at our email or call us at 620-431-2730

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