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Lizzie Le Blond Album 2

“My Camera's First Swiss Tour" 1890-1893


Lizzie traveled in societal circles that included the famous and the infamous. She was friends with royalty, celebrities, authors, publishers, photographers, muses and mountain men. This album is a collection of photographs of other artists and friends that were in Lizzie’s social circle and for whom she held high esteem.


Throughout this album you can see Lizzie’s admiration as well as her conscious desire to top the masters of the day in Photography, a field that had captured her soul second only to mountaineering.  She always gave credit, and even on occasion details whether the image was a gifted print or one she produced using a negative provided by the artist.  There are several examples of images from a noted photographer or climber of the day that she has in her album teamed with one of her own from the same locale, in both the same season or not, to provide a direct comparison for study.

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