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Lizzie Le Blond Album 8

"Day In, Day Out" 1901-1903


The final two albums in Lizzie's collection area record of her courtship, honeymoon and subsequent travels with Aubrey from 1897 to 1902.  Images include city tours through Switzerland and France, and camping excursions throughout Norway.


Album 8 was the only one in the collection that had glued in photographs.  The conservation of this book required hiring a consultant and intern to complete.  Museum staff wrote a grant detailing the collection and the conservation stages already completed with a request for funding from the Kansas Humanities Council to complete the final phase. The museum was awarded a Humanities Kansas Heritage grant and the Album 8 has been completely digitized.  Without organizations like Humanities Kansas, small institutions like ours would be hard pressed to preserve and make collections like this available to the public.

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